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Bunty Chor to judge a reality show called “India’s Got Chor”

04, Oct 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. After being thrown out of Bigg Boss on the very first day, Bunty Chor is all set to join another reality show, this time as a judge and not just a contestant. Bunty, whom the media and entertainment professionals look upto as one of the potential youth-icons of the country, is going to select the best chor (thief) of the country in a reality show tentatively named “India’s Got Chor”.

“In fact, he was kicked out of Bigg Boss precisely due to the reason that he could take out time for the shooting of this new reality show,” informs an executive producer of the proposed show on conditions of anonymity.

Bunty Chor
Bollywood movie “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!” is supposed to be inspired from the life and achievements of Bunty Chor

Although the name of the show is a complete rip-off of the popular Got Talent series owned and licensed by British media professional Simon Cowell, the producers of the show have decided not to get into any franchise agreement and simply copy the name in spirit of “thievery”, an art the show aims to glamorize.

The reality show will showcase the best thieves of the country and is relying heavily upon “crime news” shows of the various national news channels for identifying the contestants. Most news channels have demanded the status of “exclusive media partner” in lieu of providing the contacts of “their thieves”, but the producers are hopeful of reaching a compromise.

“We could make all of them ‘exclusive’ partners,” said the anonymous producer, “who cares about that tag anyway these days?”

The show will stick to thieves stealing petty money and goods in its first season, but may move on to showcase thieves stealing songs, movies, advertisements, taxes, government funds, pubic order, communal harmony, etc. in the successive seasons that would be broadcast on a popular “family entertainment” channel.

“We are sure that we can run at least seven seasons of the show in the coming years,” said the anonymous producer.

Producers confirmed that like any other reality show involving judges, India’s Got Chor too will have three judges, but they refused to comment on rumors that Suresh Kalmadi and A Raja were being convinced to join Bunty Chor on the panel of judges.

“We can’t let you know that at this time,” said the anonymous producer, “but believe us, we have enough potential contestants and judges in our country for this show. Just wait and watch.”