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Can’t rescue people from Bigg Boss house: Sushma Swaraj informs relatives of Bigg Boss housemates

06, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has clarified today that she can only rescue Indians stuck in other countries and is unable to do anything for those who are stuck inside Bigg Boss house. She issued this clarification after relatives of the remaining housemates approached her requesting a rescue.

“Ye jode haath Bigg Boss ke saamne”

Indian reality show Bigg Boss is in its 10th season and has been running for nearly 2 months now. While many people have been safely evicted from the house, relatives of the remaining few are getting more and more concerned with each passing day. When Bigg Boss team refused to entertain any request for eviction, these relatives approached Sushma ji but unfortunately for them, even she has refused to help in this case.

“These people came to me with the request that I must rescue their family members. When I asked them whether their relatives are stuck in Yemen, Syria or Libya, they informed me that they are stuck in an even more dangerous place, Bigg Boss house”, Sushma ji told Faking News.

“I have gone through the footage from the Bigg Boss house and I can really feel the pain and suffering these people must be going through. Even though I want to, I am sorry I really can’t help anyone inside Bigg Boss house. If they were in any other country, I may have done something but this is a local situation. They can approach Home Minister Rajnath Singh ji to check if he can do something about it”, Sushma ji added.

When we approached Rajnath Singh ji for his response, he promised to do very kadi ninda of the situation in Bigg Boss house and assured us that this will improve the situation.