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To capitalize on Gunda’s popularity, Maharashtra Govt to start ‘Gunda tourism packages’ at Mumbai dockyard

24, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: To capitalize on the crazy popularity of Mithun starrer cult classic Gunda, Maharashtra government has decided to start special ‘Gunda tourism packages’. Under these packages, tourists can visit the epic airport cum dockyard where Mithun Chakraborty worked as a coolie and pay their homage.

Gunda tourism packages- Coming Soon
Gunda tourism packages- Coming Soon

Even though Gunda released way back in 1998, its popularity has only increased with time. Every dialogue of the film is memorable and people still recite them like a prayer.

Taking a cue from Game Of Thrones tourism, where people visit the sets where the show is shot, Maharashtra government has now decided to use the popularity of Gunda to boost tourism in Mumbai.

“Gunda is not a film, it is an experience. An experience that you want to live again and again. Therefore, we decided that the fans should experience the feel of Gunda themselves. Best place for them to do so is the Mumbai dockyard where this film was shot. Therefore, we decided to convert that place to a shrine to Gunda”, a senior official at Mahrashtra tourism said.

“We have already taken permission from Mr. Kanti Shah and he is on board as well. The work on the shrine will begin next month and by next year, we will have this place open to tourists. Mithun da will attend the opening ceremony. This will give a big boost to our tourism industry as we expect Gunda fans to visit this place as many times as they have seen the film”, the official added.

Mr. Kanti Shah has also been contracted to shoot a promotional video for Maharashtra tourism. As pre sources, the tagline of the campaign will be- Ye hai Mumbai dockyard, yahan Shankar ne di Bulla ki faad.