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CAT 100 percentiler tries to find logic in Dilwale using his Logical Reasoning skills; gives up after continuous failures

20, Dec 2015 By sameer mahawar

Bangalore: Abhishek Sharma, a 100 %ile scorer in previous year’s CAT exams showed some guts, rolled-up his sleeves and booked Dilwale movie tickets in a happy mood.

Have you found logic in Dilwale yet?
Have you found logic in Dilwale yet?

But that jovial mood couldn’t last for long and got changed into an intense one when the movie started.

Abhishek, who once used to be proud of his Logical Reasoning abilities said with a heavy heart, “From starting till the end I applied various techniques of Permutations & Combinations, Distributions and Binary Logic to extract something out of the script and the dialogues but all of them gave be ‘Can’t be determined’ as the answer.”

“I have solved mock papers of possibly every CAT coaching class in the country and cracked them all. I thought, armed with my skills i could crack Dilwale too. But even after repeated viewings all that cracked were my logical reasoning skills,” he added.

“The only logic I could apply was during the interval to decide whether I should buy drinks and/or popcorn in combo or individually.”

Pranav, Abhishek’s close friend who is still jealous of his 100 percentile said, “I know there is no problem in the world which Abhi couldn’t solve. But Dilwale seems to be a bigger one, maybe that’s why he couldn’t find any logic in it.”

“I thought of leaving my brain at home itself before going for the show. But then realized that it could be of some use if any logical scene comes on the screen, ” said Abhishek who know repents his decision.

“At last giving up seemed to be the best option before exhausting by mind fully by applying anymore logic,” he concluded while throwing away all the logical reasoning material he had gathered all over the years.

Meanwhile, Rohit Shetty has been asked by a premier management institute to give a guest lecture and explain to students how the movie, despite facing flak from many critics, managed to call itself a hit.