CBFC asks Race 3 makers to mention ‘This movie has a story line’ in disclaimer

23, May 2018 By dasu

Mumbai: Salman’s eagerly awaited movie Race 3 which is ready to be released on Eid next month has hit a road block. According to our sources in CBFC, the censor committee was surprised with the content of the movie. Censor board has asked producer to mention clearly this movie has a story line in the disclaimer at the beginning.

“We stopped reviewing the movie in the middle because we were not prepared for such a movie. We do not want the audience to be shocked as well. You ask audience to keep their brain at home for such movies and then you add a storyline to a movie like this”, said our CBFC source who is part of the screening committee for this movie.

He added, “It has the normal quota of high end cars chasing each other like past Race series movies, but in between all these races, actually there is a story line. Think about people who step out from theatre to buy popcorn, samosa or cold drink thinking the car races will be a long one for ten fifteen minutes at a stretch. We are concerned about such people, who after all pay money to watch a movie”.

Producers of the movie is worried, such type of disclaimer for a Bhai’s movie would be bad for its box office collection. When he wanted to say something CBFC committee members told him “Our business is our business, none of your business. We know what we are doing. Better do the changes and resubmit, otherwise keep the movie at home”.

Sir, kaun disclaimer padh ta movie theatre mein. Daal do kahi pe. Bhai ka movie hai, Bindaas chalega”, said the security guard sitting outside the screening room to the nervous looking producer.