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CBSE is worried about 12th Std students this year as they have been exposed to CID all their lives

13, Mar 2016 By dasu

New Delhi: CBSE is worried about how the 12th standard students will perform in this year’s board exam. The reason behind their anxiety, the superhit comedy show CID.

There are adults who haven’t known a world without CID

While going through the records of the students appearing in exam this year, the CBSE officials have found that most of them were born close to the date CID serial premiered on Sony TV, roughly 18 years back.

CBSE chairman Mr. V. Joshi told us, “It will be wrong on my part to say that there will be no impact. However, there is no study before us to specify what could be the quantum of impact when someone is exposed to such a serial for the entire life, it makes us even more nervous.”

Mr. Joshi added, “I am more worried about those who would have heard some sound bites when they were in their mother’s womb. Looking at the date of birth records, there is a large chunk that falls in this category”.

Mr. Joshi said, “I, myself am a big fan of the serial. Know each character quite well. I have warned the school principals to keep students away from examination halls and proper security arrangements should be in place so that no one tries to be another Daya and break the doors before we allow the scheduled time.”

“I have warned all the students, do not try to be like ACP Pradyuman while answering questions. If they go here and there and then disclose all in a summary towards the end, they will lose a lot of marks. Serial characters have their entire lives to repeat same stuff, but my teachers need to move on after checking the answer sheets quickly”, said Mr. Joshi.

Mr. Joshi said “there are some good things to learn from the serial too. The other day when I asked one of my standard 1 student about a basic math query. The query was like this, I gave 1 lakh as commission to an officer on day 1 and next day he asked for another lakh. The student immediately used logic like only ACP Pradyuman would do and replied, “Sir, in today’s time 1 lakh is too small amount for bribe or commission to do any work. Tell us the realistic sum you paid. Unlike most of us, I am happy such young minds are using logic and questioning back”

“Often my staff comes to me and asks for promotion or role change telling me they are getting bored, I give the example of senior inspector Daya. See for how long he is working without promotion and does the same mundane job of breaking the door without any reluctance”, Mr. Joshi said.