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Celebrity shocked to find spot cleaned by her is dirty again

08, Nov 2014 By thepelicanclub

Mumbai. Apsara Gupta, an emerging minor celebrity and Bigg Boss season 10 hopeful, was shocked to find  the neighborhood spot cleaned by hired maids  her has again been littered just after one week.

Speaking to reporters, she has expressed sadness and anger at this development. Acting as publicity hungry starlet responsible celebrity with social conscious, she did not wait for Mr. Modi to nominate her for Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan and nominated herself on Twitter.

One of the pics she posted on Twitter
One of the pics she posted on Twitter

It was just last week that she posted pictures on Twitter with brand new broom in hand, matching with fresh off the shelf tank top and yoga pants which got over a thousand RTs and even Mr. KRK tweeted Kiss to Apsara, Kick to Rakhi.

Feeling very satisfied with 1000+ RTs and favorites contributing to cleaning a 4X4 spot, Apsara was shocked to find the same spot dirty in a span of a week.

“What if reporters come and see this dirty spot and compare it to my Twitter pictures? I am not Shazia Ilmi to have done fraudulent cleanliness drive. I have done genuine hard work on this,” she lamented.

Venting her anger at “uncivilized” neighbors and denizens, she has claimed that it was a conspiracy by her fellow starlets who are jealous of her growing fame and common people have no manners or regard for cleanliness. She claimed that efforts of celebrities like her, Amitabh Bachchan etc are going waste.

Off the record, she has also blamed Mr. Modi about not clarifying that cleanliness will have to be maintained and is not just a photo-op.

“How will I get RTs and Favorites by posting the pics from same spot again and again?” she asked.

Meanwhile a start-up in Bangalore has launched quick garbage spreading, photo and clean-up service with real time posting and image editing to Facebook and Twitter, to cash on the Swatcch Bharat Abhiyan.