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Censor Board asks Sajid Khan to keep a gap of 5 years between his films to allow recovery from earlier ones

18, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Censor Board of Film Certification today directed director Sajid Khan to keep a gap of at least 5 years between his films so that people can fully recover from the aftermath of his previous film.

Threatening to make him the first director in history of Indian cinema to be banned by CBFC, the board asked him to comply or forget filmmaking forever.

Arguing that such mental attacks as caused by Sajid on psyche of viewers tend to take much longer time to heal and recover than even physical attacks, board advised Sajid to be a little sensitive for his own good.

Sajis's latest calamity movie.
Sajis’s latest calamity movie.

“Even AAP has stopped doing dharnas every other day as they too realize importance of gaps,” a CBFC member pointed to Sajid.

The board further warned Sajid to stop making films under different pseudonyms like Shirish Kunder and Farah Khan and even asked him to put up a warning like ‘From the makers of Himmatwala and Housefull’ in the trailers and posters of Humshakals with immediate effect.

All these decisions were taken after 5 brave volunteers who had taken it upon themselves to review Humshakals passed out in first 10 minutes.

However Mumbai Police is not convinced and is investigating if it was a suicide attempt by those 5 guys.

If sources are to be believed situation is so bad that when a person is offered the post of Censor Board president, the first question he asks is if there was any Sajid Khan film slated to release in his duration as president, and declines if the answer is in affirmative.

Meanwhile the board, with the help of Ram Gopal Varma, has cleared 7 cuts of Humshakals which were passed as fit enough to show, chopping out rest of the film. The movie will be released as a safe short film, sources tell Faking News.

However there was a condition put forward by the board that Sajid will pay for treatment of any casualty arising out of the short film’s viewership.