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Censor board bans dubbed movie titles ending with "No. 1"

15, May 2016 By Rumorhasit

Mumbai: In a surprise announcement today, the Censor Board declared that no dubbed movies will be allowed to have names that contain ‘No. 1’ in the title. The move has completely baffled the dubbed movie industry and the channels that thrive on such movies by airing them in infinite loops.

Dhanda No. 1
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Playing South Indian films dubbed in Hindi is the USP of every Indian film channels and the bulk of those films have No. 1 in the title. With this draconian ruling by censor board, movie channels will have to start showing Hindi films, observed an expert.

When contacted for the reasons behind it, a Censor board spokesperson told Faking News, “Well we are clamping down on misleading titles, that is all. Titles of movies like Don No. 1, Dhanda No. 1, King No. 1 suggest that these guys are number 1 in the world at what they do but that is simply not the case. As responsible members of censor board, we had to stop this misinformation campaign.”

“We are also looking to ban movies that have Hindi, English combination as they are ruining the basic language of our children. What is Indra the tiger, is Indra a tiger? They play that film every day and I see it every time to check, Indra is no tiger. This is not an isolated case, every movie that isn’t ending with No. 1 is ending with a random English word. This must stop”, the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, Censor board has assured Sony Max viewers that the daily ritual of airing Sooryavansham will continue. “Unless they rename it to Heera Thakur No. 1 or Sooryavansham the repeater, we have no reason to stop it”, a senior censor board official said.