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Chandigarh parents trash their son who topped in exams for failing to clear Roadies audition

10, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Chandigarh: Roadies is such a big thing for the parents in Chandigarh. Though they have already passed the age to compete in roadies, they want their kids to fulfill their dreams. Whenever a child is born in Chandigarh the doctor says, ‘Aapke ghar roadies hua hai’. And that gives the encouragement to parents to put their children in physical training for roadies.


Jagdish Malik, a 16 years old boy who just passed the 10th standard exams bore the brunt of such parents. Jagdish actually topped the 10th exams with the highest marks from his school. But his parents scolded him like hell. They thought it is the worst day of their life and beat him ferociously. On being asked by the neighbors why are they beating their kid, the parents said that their kid had failed the roadies audition even after such efforts being put by them for his training. They had spent all their money for his traning, had brought foreign coaches and then too he failed at the auditions.

Faking News reporter spoke to Jagdish and he had this to say, ” Yes, it was my fault. Actually, the teacher insisted in the class that if I don’t become an engineer my life is a waste, so I thought of studying and I started liking it. I regret being the top scorer. But I promise, I will clear the roadies audition next year.”