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Chef Sanjeev Kapoor claims credit for writing ‘Kick’

31, Jul 2014 By dippy

Mumbai. In a bizarre incident that has taken Bollywood by storm, celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor has sued both writer Chetan Bhagat and producer Sajid Nadiadwala for lifting his paneer masala recipe, which he had shared with them in good faith, and turning that into the movie Kick.

In his petition to the Bombay High Court, Mr. Kapoor has sought that the movie be taken off screens immediately and be re-released only after he is given the sole credit for writing the film.

Kapoor alleges Salman could have even copied his style.
Kapoor alleges Salman could have even copied his style.

Hadd ho gayi yaar,” said a visibly angry Kapoor, “Bhagat and Nadiadwala had come over for dinner sometime last year and I had served them paneer masala whose recipe I have never served on any of my shows. While Nadiadwala licked his fingers after the third serving, Bhagat seemed to be thinking something right after eating the first morsel.”

Narrating the sequence of events that followed, Kapoor said, “As if it was an ‘eureka’ moment for Bhagat, he ran towards me, and after giving me a big hug requested me to share the recipe of the dish. Unsuspectingly, I dictated him the recipe which he noted down on the back side a poster of ‘Jai Ho’.”

“Before I could ask anything to him, both of them disappeared from my house even before having desserts,” he recalled.

The well known chef, who was invited for the special screening of Kick a year later, got a rude shock of his life when he found that Bhagat had just replaced the ingredients of his paneer masala recipe with some scenes.

As a proof, Kapoor has attached his original recipe along with the one used by Bhagat for writing the story of Kick. Following is the recipe-turned-script of Kick:

1) Heat an entry scene in a frying pan and then add a few action scenes. 2) Saute these scenes till audience’s brains turn light brown. 3) Mix a few songs intermittently and close pan with a lid (story). 4) Recommended spices: use memory loss from Ghajini, policegiri from Dabangg, cat and mouse chase from Dhoom. 5) Continue heating till audience starts scratching heads wondering WTF is going on. 6) Finally garnish with Salman’s fake western accent.

Serve in a multiplex for Rs. 200 per ticket till sales cross Rs. 300 crore.