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Chennai Express looted near Kakori

15, Aug 2013 By idiot420

Lucknow. Five men armed with guns, knives, and black tickets, robbed the A3 coach of Chennai Express on Wednesday night near Kakori. A group called Hindustan Movie Buff Association (HMBA) has taken responsibility for this daring robbery.

The robbers left some pamphlets after the act, where they accused the movie Chennai Express of robbing Indian masses of their hard earned money. The group has termed their robbery as “revenge” against the 100 crore club of Bollywood.

Chennai Express
Robbers were wearing similar dresses and carried similar weapons, sources tell Faking News.

“This club has been looting poor Indians using an army of marketers, advertisers, and superstars. They have made the masses slave and have been extracting lagaan from them every Friday. India needs freedom from them,” Albela Khatri, the spokesperson of HMBA told Faking News.

“We planned this act on Independence day eve to give a strong message to the Bollywood Empire that India will soon be free from their clutches. We hope unhe sandesha mil gaya hoga,” Albela added.

Although train robberies in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are normal and don’t make much news, this is the second big train robbery that has taken place in Kakori. The first one took place 88 years ago on 9th August 1925. It should be noted that Chennai Express was released on 9th August 2013.

“This clearly shows that this train was representing the empire that has been ruling us,” Albela claimed.

Sources say that the weekend collection of Chennai Express in the Lucknow circle was being carried by the cashier of Red Chillies Entertainment in train’s A3 bogie. This information was somehow leaked to HMBA.

“We will give this money to those who wanted their money back to independent filmmakers with good film ideas,” Albela said when Faking News asked what they intended to do with the looted khazaana.

The incident has sent shockwaves to Mumbai and Delhi alike.

In Mumbai, Aamir Khan, who was spotted at poster release event of his upcoming movie Dhoom 3, said, “Such a tragic event on Independence day eve. My deepest sympathy with SRK; by the way, Dhoom 3 has an even more thrilling and perfect scene of train robbery.”

In Delhi, BJP attacked the UPA government and Samajwadi Party for deteriorating law and order, while Congress suspected an RSS hand behind the robbery.

Meanwhile police investigations are on to find the person who might have leaked the information.

SRK fans suspect that Salman Khan, who recently came close to SRK, might have leaked the information. On social media, SRK fans were seen accusing Salman fans of being involved in the robbery.

“Robbers were wearing Being Human t-shirts!” claimed a widely circulated tweet.