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Chetan Bhagat releases Tinkle by mistake, fans still rejoice

23, Aug 2014 By johnrj

Mumbai. In a strange case of publisher mistake, Chetan Bhagat’s book got substituted with India’s evergreen comic Tinkle during his new book’s release which ended up causing even more supporters for the famous author. Before the mistake was realized, word had spread through like wildfire through social networking sites.”I was really surprised!” said a fan who witnessed the wrong book being promoted on stage with a confused Chetan holding a freshly minted Tinkle “I never knew it was Chetan Bhagat who was writing Tinkle for so many years.”

Fans who witnessed the book being released immediately created Facebook pages for it which reached a million supporters overnight. They have also been arguing about the similarity between them.

Chetan in the act
Chetan in the act

“This is like a dream come true,” said Ankita, a huge fan of Chetan Bhagat. “This will be a revolution for Tinkle if Chetan sir continues writing it. I could imagine how Shikari Shambu and his wife could have a complicated love affair which definitely points to Chetan’s style.”

“We have known those characters for so long so it would be nice to spice up their life and Chetan is in the right path to do it,” said another fan “I believe purposefully Chetan has been building up the stories in Tinkle for a long time now and we will see some major twists soon. I personally think Uncle Anu was based on Chetan himself since he is from IIT and Anu is pretty smart too.”

Popular twists predicted by fans are Tantri the Mantri and Raja Hooja falling in love with the same girl and battling for her, Suppandi falling in love with a South Indian and how their life unfolds and one night at the forest with Kalia the crow, Babloo the bear and Danti the elephant.

Some fans however have been critical about the announcement and have voiced their opinions across.

“Tinkle doesn’t have scope of mature content in it. Of course Chetan Bhagat’s novels need to have one hot masala scene at least,” said a fan in desperation

News has quickly spread to Bollywood and a statement from Salman Khan’s agent, who is touring South India to find a new movie for his client, revealed that he is already thinking of meeting with Chetan for the possibility of locking the role in the book’s movie. Aamir Khan’s agent has also revealed that his client is interested in taking up the movie and is even willing to stand naked again for the posters.

Tinkle’s brand owners, ACK media, have denied any relation with Chetan Bhagat. They have mentioned that Chetan has never written for Tinkle and also pointed out that there is no number in the title of “Tinkle” which clearly states that it’s not Chetan’s book.

After a day of chaos, the publishers have apologized at their mistake. They informed that a hooded character had apparently entered their building and switched Chetan’s book to replace it with Tinkle which was then sent to the printing press to be delivered directly on the day of revealing. AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal has given a statement that  he specifically knows who did it which will be revealed soon to the common man. However, investigation is still in progress.