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Chetan Bhagat sues Chetan Bhagat for plagiarizing Chetan Bhagat's life in Chetan Bhagat's "Two States"

25, Nov 2014 By manithan

Mumbai. Chetan Bhagat, just another Indian having a view on everything, has sued Chetan Bhagat, the best-selling author, for plagiarizing the common man Chetan Bhagat’s life in Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling novel “Two States”.

After allegations of plagiarism surfaced against Chetan Bhagat’s new hit “Half Girlfriend”, Chetan Bhagat has seemed to turn more alert. He had been avoiding any contact with media and is using Twitter from his parody account to make fun of him, such that people might at least start sympathising with him. But in order to secure his stand in the literary world and to avoid any more litigation of plagiarism coming across his way, Chetan has walked an extra mile ahead.

Chetan Bhagat arguing with Chetan Bhagat over why Chetan Bhagat plagiarizes from Chetan Bhagat’s life.

Earlier today, Chetan Bhagat filed a petition suing himself for plagiarizing his own life in his novel “Two States”. He has termed the plaintiff as “Half Chetan” and the defendant as another “Half Chetan”, which his critics term as another promotional event to market his new book “Half Girlfriend”. However, Chetan Bhagat says that he was serious about the whole thing.

Recalling Chetan Bhagat’s decision to sue himself, his lawyer said, “He called me today morning saying that he needs to do something important in his life. Then, he told me about this litigation, which had me in shock. Yet, being my good friend, I agreed to file the case.”

His lawyer briefed the event as it happened inside the court, “Chetan has filed the petition in the court around 11 AM, walked out of the door and then after a minute or so, came back inside the courtroom and stood with his arms crossed. He said that he had appeared before the court after hearing about a petition being filed on him. Then, he started to switch places after every dialogue arguing with himself, that ‘Two States’ is his life’s story in one place and that ‘Two States’ is in fact his life’s story from another place. The judge fainted after five minutes.”

To avoid litigation fees, Chetan Bhagat is contemplating about becoming both prosecution and defense lawyer. Sources tell Faking News that the author has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lend him the 3D Hologram technique that was used during election campaigns.

In fact, he has plans to be the audience and the judge too. When asked about his sudden Arnabisation, he is said to have revealed to his friends that he is contemplating a career in news channels once he is bored of writing books and articles.

But sources close to him revealed the real reason for Chetan Bhagat’s sudden litigation.

One of his close friend, said, “Just imagine if someone else files a litigation stating that Two States is his story. After all it is such a common story, and many can relate with it. This fear caught him when someone from Bihar filed plagiarism case against him. Moreover, if Bhagat wins in this case, he will earn defamation costs. If he loses, then he will have to pay himself. It is almost a win-win situation.”