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Child participant rejected after parents fail to cry during auditions of singing reality show

17, Aug 2017 By itsmihir1993

The recently held Sa Re Ga Ma Po-verty Li’l Craps auditions in Mumbai witnessed a flurry of child participants who flocked the venue to exhibit their singing skills. While popular full-time reality show judges Anu Malik and Farah Khan were available for the day, Navjot Singh Sidhu was roped in as the guest judge to occupy the vacant third seat.

Raj (10), a participant from Virar, impressed the judges so much that Anu Malik told him that he’s a better singer than anyone in the room, which had no singers. Raj was about to get selected but his father, Santram, could not cry before the judges, which led to his disqualification.

Santram, speaking to our reporter after the interview, explained his failure to cry, “As soon as I tried crying while he was singing, Sidhu paaji would say ‘Khataak’ and break my concentration. I finally managed some tears recalling my experience of watching Farah Khan’s “Happy New Year”, but it was too late then!” he repented.

The total number of child participants who arrived for the singing auditions crossed the mark of 600. Father of a participant Raunak (12), spoke to us outside the audition venue and explained, “Raunak cannot sing. However, I’m a liftman and I work very hard to earn our livelihood. Hence, Raunak has a high chance of getting selected in the reality show owing to our unsound financial position,” he said and broke down.

Watching him break down, many parents who had come with their children broke down in front of our reporters without realising that we were not the judges. However, upon discovery, they immediately stopped crying and saved tears to cry in front of the judges taking the auditions inside.