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Chinese phone makers take advice from Victor Acharya to make cheap replicas of existing branded phones

16, Nov 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Bollywood’s hopes of festive weekends bringing much cheer aren’t playing out too well either. Apart from Thugs of Hindostan, the other big box office disappointment this year was Salman Khan’s Race 3, an Eid release that made Rs 166 crore after an opening weekend of more than Rs 100 crore. But the fact that Thugs Of Hindostan was a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean made people angrier as Indian directors and production houses are spending too much time in replicating an already existing product rather than thinking of something original. Thugs_of-Hindostan-kenF--621x414@LiveMint

But all things are not gloomy, there are people who have appreciated the movie as it was a cheap remake of an already existing product. This has taken the Chinese phone makers by surprise and they are so inspired by Victor Acharya that a delegation met him in Mumbai to learn from him the act of making a cheap alternative to a branded products. The budget for Pirates of the Caribbean would be unthinkable for any Indian production house to spend on and Victor should be credited for at least trying it out at the budget he got from Yashraj.

Most Chinese phone makers look for alternatives for the existing iPhones or Korean phones to come out with cheaper options which a normal person can buy and most of these products are sold in India. The meeting with Victor is surely going to give them some perspective about how to go about making cheap things with conviction.