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Christopher Nolan buys copyrights of the movie Gunda for its sequel

05, Sep 2017 By Guest Patrakar

4th Sept, 1998 will be marked in golden words in Indian history. It was the day when Bollywood got noticed all over the globe and all because of one man. No, not Narendra Modi, but Kanti Shah. Kanti Shah had made Gunda in 1998, one of the finest movies of all times.

Gunda is not a normal bollywood movie, it’s the first Sci-Fi movie that shows time traveling. Gunda recently came into news when English-American film director, producer, and screenwriter, Christopher Nolan, announced the sequel of Gunda and bought its copyright.

Mithun in Gunda had said, “Itihaas badalne waale ka naam, kabhi itihaas mein nahin hota hai (the one who changes history, is the one who never finds his name in history),” which has now become true.

Christopher Nolan buying copyrights of Gunda is truly a historic moment for Bollywood. Christopher Nolan, while addressing the media said, “When we were in 1998, Kanti bhai (as he fondly calls Kanti Shah) was in 2050.”

In one of the scenes of the movie Gunda, the character Bulla moves from airport to Shipyard in no time; it was the first time when time traveling was seen in a movie.

Elon Musk, founder, CEO, and CTO of SpaceX, product architect of Tesla Inc, congratulated Christopher Nolan through a series of tweets, after the latter announced the movie’s sequel. Elon Musk is likely to meet Kanti Shah late this year to discuss about his new electric cars and other potential inventions. Elon Musk will also explore the idea of making electric bicycles that can also work as shields.

It’s not the first time when Gunda movie has made India proud. In the year 2002, the movie was made a case study at Harvard University after it had topped the IMDB rating. Sources say that the sequel of Gunda would be named Gunda Gardi and the movie is likely to be released early next year. Whether 2018 will be as historic as 1998 that we will have to see. Meanwhile keep reading Faking News.