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Christopher Nolan to make a film on EPF Tax after finding it more confusing than Interstellar

02, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Hollywood, California: Having made a name for himself by making complex movies with plots that are hard to understand, Christopher Nolan is all set to launch his latest project- EPF Tax.

Christopher Nolan
Nolan trying to understand EPF Tax

As per the latest budget presented by Finance Minister of India, Mr Arun Jaitley, 60% of EPF will be taxed at prevailing rate of applicable income tax. It will not be taxed if it is reinvested in annuity (We think). Even after several clarifications by ministry sources, people haven’t yet got any clarity on how this tax will be applied or why this tax has been introduced in the first place. Mr Nolan couldn’t resist himself after hearing such a confusing plot and bought the rights for the movie.

“My movies aim to push the boundaries of human brain. They are never meant to be understood by a person in one viewing. Looking at the way this EPF Tax in India has kept everyone confused for 3 days even after half a dozen clarifications by the ministry, this is a perfect subject for me”, Christopher Nolan said.

Nolan further added, “Generally I try to add layers of complexity to the subject to make it more intriguing for the viewers. However, this time I will try to remove layers of complexities from the subject so that people understand the film in maximum 3 viewings. If I make the film totally based on reality, some heads may explode out of sheer confusion.”

Bollywood has welcomed this move by Christopher Nolan to make films on an Indian subject. “Obviously Nolan will cast someone Indian to play the role of Indian Finance Minister. After Priyanka and Deepika, some more Indian actors will find work in a Hollywood film. This is great for our industry”, said a movie critic.

“Our reviews will also change for Nolan’s film. We generally advise Indian audience to leave their brains at home for a Bollywood film. For this film on EPF, we will advise them to borrow their neighbor’s brain as well while going to the cinema”, the critic added.