Saturday, 22nd February, 2020


Chunky Pandey scores less marks in acting school, teacher scolds him in front of Ananya in daughter-teacher meeting

14, Jan 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Our Monday couldn’t get any better as we chanced upon a picture of Ananya Panday living her “palat” moment in a true Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge style. But something else happened too on Monday. Ananya had to attend the daughter-teacher meeting at the acting school where Chunky Pandey is learning acting.


Chunky has still not got any big movies in Bollywood and hence was learning the art of acting at a renowned school in Mumbai. But just like his number of roles in movies, his marks also went on decreasing and decreasing. It decreased to a point where the teacher had to call up Ananya for a daughter-teacher meeting and Chunky got the scolding of his life.

Speaking to the Faking News reporter, the teacher said “ We have been teaching Chunky since last 1 year, but there is no improvement. Whichever dialogue we give him, he utters the same lines ‘Am joking, Am Akhri Pasta’. He is not taking any class seriously and he is too arrogant because of the fact that he has signed houseful5. This is a bad attitude and we told Ananya the same. Ananya being the most senior actor in the Panday family has promised us that she will take care of the situation.”