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CID actors being cloned so that the serial keeps running for 100 years

09, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. With actors playing characters like ACP Pradyuman, Dr. Salunkhe, Senior Inspectors Abhijeet and Daya, and others getting old with time, Sony Television has decided to get them cloned so that TV Series C.I.D. can keep on running till 2098 AD, completing 100 years.

“Yes, we are targeting to complete 100 years and set a new world record,” Sony TV’s CEO Soni Sharma told Faking News, “The only challenge we had were actors getting old, as there was no other challenge.”

They have become immortal in reel life, now there is an attempt to make them immortal in real life too.

Soni said that the television channel was least concerned about generating new stories or scripts for thousands of new episodes that were scheduled till 2098.

“We just need to ensure a few things like laash (corpse), darwaaza (door), microscope, etc. and we can get a script for every episode,” Soni said, “In fact, we are working on a software that will generate scripts having these elements.”

With script or story not being a problem, as is the case with Salman Khan’s movies, Sony Television’s next challenge was to get Salman Khan i.e. the actors.

“We realize that one of the key reasons why this series is still running is because of almost unchanged cast and crew,” Sony claimed, “We don’t have the luxury of changing actors i.e. we can’t make ACP Pradyuman meet an accident, get his face charred, get a new face with plastic surgery, and replace him with a new actor; as we do in other serials.”

With the life expectancy in India not being over 125 years, Sony TV has decided not to take chance and get the actors cloned so that they have the same actors for the rest of the 86 years.

C.I.D. fans and television viewers in general have mostly welcomed the step as the TV series has become a part of their lives for many of them. However, they have asked the authorities to ensure that this doesn’t become a trend in the Entertainment industry.

“We don’t want Anu Malik judging Indian Idol for another 100 years, or Emraan Hashmi kissing all the girls for all these years,” Romesh, a resident of Andheri said, “Or God forbid if KRK clones himself.”