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Coldplay fan to sing their songs in Mumbai Local to pay for their Rs 25000 concert ticket

14, Sep 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai: A huge Coldplay fan who was eagerly looking forward to their concert in Mumbai, today decided to start singing their hit songs in the Mumbai local to raise the reported Rs 25000 ticket price for their concert.

Now enjoy their songs in Mumbai local!

There is a rumour that the world famous alternative rock band are going to perform in Mumbai this November and if media reports are to be believed, the tickets for the concert will range from Rs 25000 to about Rs 5 lakh.

The man in question, Mr Krish Martinkar, is an IT employee who is very desperate to attend the concert with his girlfriend but is reluctant to invest his 3 months worth of pay for two tickets for this event. As per Krish’s friends, his first thought was to sell his kidney but then he realized that he already did that 3 years ago to buy the iPhone then. Later, he came up with this idea of singing Coldplay songs to get the money required. “It will be a great tribute to his favourite band if he raises money for their tickets by singing their songs”, a friend of Krish said.

We spoke to the man for more details and he said, “I love Coldplay dude, be it songs like The Scientist or the recent Hymn for the Weekend and all others, they are all so good, but these people have no economic sense whatsoever. Chris Martin was here in India for the Global Poverty Project and now it seems he is contributing to that project by increasing poverty here thanks to the outrageous ticket prices. It seems as if he just wants to make us pay for never buying his songs and only downloading them for free.”

Krish will start singing the songs from Monday but will avoid the rush hour as there is not enough space for a person to even open his mouth.