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Colors TV hires Rajdeep Sardesai to start fights among Bigg Boss-8 participants

30, Sep 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Lonavala. Bigg Boss, a unique reality show that follows a tight script is undergoing its 8th season. But unlike previous seasons where participants fought and swore at each other openly, this season seems remarkably dull. The show is currently in its 2nd week and no major fight has erupted yet. Participants are staying away from indulging in fights, fearing elimination, in the process jeopardizing the very idea of the show.

Amid the time of distress Colors TV has turned towards an old friend, Rajdeep Sardesai. Entertainment experts say that Sardesai, who successfully demonstrated his skills of provoking people to get into fight at Madison Square on Sunday, is just the right man for the job.

Bigg Boss producers were hugely excited to see this
Bigg Boss producers were hugely excited to see this

If sources are to be believed it was because of Rajdeep, Colors has pushed the secret society members among the participants. Viewers might recollect that, Secret Society was given the task of instigating fight among the participant which the society failed miserably.

When Shaitaan Khopdi™ asked Rajdeep if he feels he can deliver the goods, the senior journalist and Padma Award winner sounded positive, “Presence of so many cameras is a worry and my Moral Compass doesn’t work in high scrutiny zones but then I almost pulled it off in Madison square as well. Moreover unlike the people on Social Media, the participants will not have access to the camera footage, so I can make them believe whatever I want.”

Faking News warned Rajdeep that every Saturday, Salman Khan interacts with participants and he might show those unedited footage’s and clear all the misunderstandings. Rajdeep confidently poured Old Monk purchased from New York Airport’s duty free shop and replied, “But votes would have been cast till then and public would have made their decision. And by the time next elections evictions take place people will forget everything. Indian public has a very short memory.”

We also talked to the Colors TV chairman on why he selected Rajdeep when people like Dolly Bindra and Armaan Kohli were available almost for free. The chairman told us that Rajdeep does it very subtly and in a classy way, while Ms. Bindra and Armaan will do the same thing by yelling and shouting.

Kuchh logon ke paas paisa aata hai class nahin aata,” he said.