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IT company conducts IPL like Auction for the box cricket league. Sold players are paid with sodexo coupons

28, Jan 2018 By RT

Mumbai. An IT company in the city conducted IPL like Auction for the office box cricket league. Sold players were paid with sodexo coupons, it is learnt by Faking News. As Sodexo is moving to a card format, there were bundles of unused preprinted coupons available, used for the payment, it is further learnt by Faking News.

Out of everyone who was present on the Auction day, 90% of them went under the hammer and 40% of them remained unsold, informed a HR executive, while counting the Sodexo coupons and barely looking up. The company has spiced the 4 players rule of foreign employees by inviting employees from their Pune branch. The coaches will all be from the HR and cheer girls are from within the latest new batch, he further added.images (2)

“We managed 6 teams in all. ‘Ultra US-returns’, ‘Courageous coders’, ‘Fearless Finance’, ‘HR Hitters’, ‘Contract Killers’ and finally ‘Powerful Benchers’. The league will be similar to the IPL format, minus the sponsorship, for this year. Next year onwards, there will be sponsors as well. Already, our stationery suppliers and tiffin suppliers have agreed in principle to be part of the sponsorship team” the HR manager of the company told Faking News.

“The decision to pay them with Sodexo coupons was jointly taken by the Finance and HR teams. The top management immediately approved of the league and also agreed to be a mentor for two teams involving Benchers and Contract employees. A committee has also been formed to probe into any spot fixing charges that might arise out of the box” he further added on the challenges of conducting a Box cricket league within the company.

The first year’s highest sold player was from the Pune office, when he was sold for a whopping 5 bundles of Sodexo coupons, it is learnt by Faking News.