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IT Company gets contract to generate titles of South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi

03, Apr 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

With so many movies being dubbed nowadays, the viewership for South Indian movies is ever increasing. With the increase in viewership comes a totally different challenge; how to name such movies? How to name it in a way which could create a buzz and make the movie a mainstream Hindi movie. Not anymore, as MindPlant, a major IT company will handle the naming from now on.

Special title consultants will be hired by the company. MindPlant will come up with algorithms which could give you a title after entering some details about the movie like number of stars, number of item songs, villain’s name, location etc.


After an effort of 3-4 years, engineers at MindPlant have been able to build a software for movie naming. In a recent interview, the project manager at MindPlant for movie naming gave us the actual technique.

According to him there are some strong Hindi names which are fed into the system and according to the story of the movie, the system gives out titles as the output. Strong names like Joshilay, Dilwala, Rowdy, Don, Rambo, Kaabil, Tiger, Dushman etc. were agreed upon after a survey done on Mithun and Dharmendra fans.

With most of the south Indian movies being action flicks, the naming requires masculinity and strength. Once such names are fed, then comes the story of the movie; revenge, romance, biopic, thriller, comedy etc. which is fed into the system.

Now comes the major part, which is the star of the movie, bigger the star stronger the title. For example Nagarjun gets the title of Don No.1 because he is a mega star. Similarly lesser heroes get lesser strong titles.

Some of the well-known movies titled by MindPlant includes Rambo Rajkumar, Kaabil Policewala, Sultan the hero, Joshilla Bhaijaan and many more. Well, one thing is for sure; more the industry will grow, it will give rise to a parallel industry for naming the films. Other IT companies are also trying to come up with more interesting algorithms and the competition created is good for the industry.