The concept of India actually originated after Bhuvan defeated Capt Russell in the cricket match in Lagaan: Saif clarifies

21, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

Just days after making a controversial statement that set social media on fire, Saif Ali Khan has now clarified what he mean by saying that the idea of India didn’t exist before the British took over the country.

The actor said that his statement was seen in the wrong context and has been unnecessarily blown out of proportion. “I was actually talking about the concept of India in Bollywood movie and not in reality. You see I am actor and i will see every event or situation from a different lens. I bunked history classes in school so history to me is what I see in movies,” he said.

“If you have seen Lagaan, you cannot miss how Bhuvan accepted the challenge, got the team together and won the match. The idea of India actually originated from that very moment when he defeated Capt Russell. Before that I had not seen any movie which united Indians like they did in the movie. No wonder it got nominated for Oscars,” he added.

While reacting to the criticism he received on social media, the actor pointed out that being a celeb, he is subject to too much scrutiny and has accepted it as part of his  life. “Me and my family is constantly hounded by paps. Every word every action is news worthy for them. In fact some of these reporters have rented the huts on the footpath outside my house. Always on the look out for Taimur’s pic. I remember once Kareena flung Taimur’s soiled diaper outside the window and immediately these reporters lunged to grab it, almost broke out into a fight,” Saif revealed.