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Congress claims Rahul Gandhi’s speech was responsible for bringing out the farmer in Matt Damon in the Martian

09, Oct 2015 By chachachaudhary

New Delhi: A congress party worker who chose to remain anonymous, confided to our reporter Bonobos that as no Disney movie was released since weeks, Rahul Baba went to see Ridley Scott’s latest movie ‘The Martian’ along with a few loyalists.

Inspired by Rahul Gandhi's speech to farmers
Inspired by Rahul Gandhi’s speech to farmers

“He is deeply in love with physics, Jupiter and escape velocity so Mars was one subject in which he was always interested. He was very happy over the fact that the Martian managed to grow potatoes in Mars. He utilized the available resources to produce water by combining hydrogen and oxygen by providing spark and by using human waste as manure and growing potatoes,” said the loyalist.

The anonymous party worker also said that Rahul Baba was visible upset by the fact that it must be the NDA’s land acquisition bill that must have snatched Matt Damon’s land on earth that’s why he had to go to Mars and do farming.

Rahul Gandhi has reportedly shown his concerns for the farmers by having his photos alongside the poor farmers and by having food at their place. Then Rahul decided to go to Mars to have a photo with the Martian farmer and to have dinner with him as well.

When Congress contacted NASA they said it would take a minimum of four years for planning and execution of next mars mission but seeing the love Rahul Gandhi has for physics, NASA agreed to send Rahul Gandhi ASAP for the next mission.

The congress party worker also revealed that Rahul’s last visit to USA was not for the much debated conference but he actually visited NASA at that time.

But in the planning stage when NASA asked Rahul baba for trial of his space suit, Rahul first inquired about the price of the astronaut suit.

When he came to know that space suit worn by an astronaut costs millions he became very angry that he is absolutely against expensive suit boots and would not wear an expensive space suit.

He insisted that he would go in Kurta Payjama only. NASA tried to convince RAGA that it was for his own safety only, but he did not relent.

Then our reporter Bonobos contacted NASA director he refused to provide any information because of confidentiality issues. Then Director Ridley Scott revealed that at the time of crisis when the Martian Matt Damon ran out of food and there was not enough time to send him food they sent him a video of Rahul Gandhi speaking to some farmers and motivating them.

The speech mentioned that as BJP government is doing nothing for them he needs to take care of him only and Rahul Baba would later on come to show his concerns and have a photo session. That’s when Matt Damon got motivated and became successful in growing potatoes on Mars.