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Convinced about Aam Aadmi's gullibility, Salman Khan confident of Jai Ho's success

14, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Convinced that an “aam aadmi” tag is all one needs to get the support of the crowd, Salman Khan is now confident his upcoming film Jai Ho being the biggest blockbuster ever. It should be noted that Jai Ho is promoting itself with the “aam aadmi” tagline.

Salman Khan Jai ho
Salman Khan is confident Aam Aadmi will once break his vow of not watching his films.

“Not that my earlier movies were not blockbusters, but people thought that only Salman fans were stupid. But now I’m pretty sure the whole universe is,” Salman said without manhandling any mediaperson.

The unmarried superstar is confident that not only his diehard fans, but even those married to the romantic idea of “aam aadmi” will run to the theaters and watch Jai Ho.

“Just the way I have full faith in our judiciary, I have full faith in the emotionally driven behavior of these people,” he added.

Salman is further optimistic that his entire past, right from his involvement in black buck killings, to hit and run case, to his alleged abusive behavior with girlfriends, etc. will be forgotten and people would flock in large numbers to theaters to see him bash goons as Aam Aadmi.

“Arre man, the incidents that you mentioned are too old now. I toh am confident that they will even forget my recent participation in Samajwadi Party’s Saifai Mahotsava. Aam Aadmi fans will do that,” he said, pointing at tweets that showed his fans defending and abusing those who tweeted against him.

With support from his existing fans and the new fans, who are willing to do anything in the name of “aam aadmi”, Salman is sure that all the records of box office will be broken.

“If anyone claims that the records have not been broken, he would be accused of being paid by Aamir or Shahrukh,” he predicted.

According to the 48-year-old actor, people want change and are fed up of the films made by other Khans.

Aamir toh majboori hai, Salman zaroori hai,” he claimed.

Aam Aadmi sota hua sher hai, use sone hi do saala, jaag gaya toh gadha ban jayega!” he confided to this Faking News reporter with 2 pegs down while signing off.