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Couple breaks up after watching Jab Harry Met Sejal

09, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

In a not-so-surprising incident, a couple broke up on a planned romantic date after they saw Imtiaz Ali’s movie Jab Harry Met Sejal. Shah Ruk Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer Jab Harry Met Sejal was released on 4th August worldwide. Movie turned out to be a disaster and even SRK fans were disappointed.


Gurgaon based couple Yash and Disha, went to see the movie on Monday evening, as it was the same day four years back when the couple had met for the first time. Movie was too special for them since Disha likes SRK and Yash likes Disha. To show his love for Disha, Yash had postponed some of his most important meetings to watch the movie. However, things were not as smooth as they would have hoped for. Yash and Disha had a small disagreement when they couldn’t get the corner seats. But things got worse when movie started and the couple didn’t watch the movie completely and decided to part ways. 

When our Faking News reporter got to know of this news he immediately approached them to know the full story. Yash told our reporter about their breakup and had blamed the movie for it. He said “It was all because of the movie that we broke up. My snapchat, Facebook, whatsapp and Instagram have stories but movie doesn’t. I seriously doubt Disha’s choice but I can’t say anything to her since I am also her choice. So I decided to just breakup without any drama.”

Disha on the other hand said “It all started after Fan that Yash started ignoring me during a movie release. As soon as SRK releases a movie he starts ignoring my texts so that I don’t ask him to go for a movie”.

SRK owes his fans a blockbuster for sure, after so many debacles he cannot afford to give one more flop. His status of Bollywood King is at stake. Will he be able to save it? Keep reading Faking News to know.