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Couple was busy watching Crime Patrol in hall and thieves robbed their bedroom

27, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Crime Patrol has definitely made a huge impact on the mindset of people. People have lost trust in ourselves .a long known friend comes to visit us we immediately start doubting his intentions. A normal door to door salesman comes and we think he is also carrying a gun with are on the road and stranger offer you help for any petty things you mistrust him. But it has definitely made a huge fan base. Millions of Indians are glued to their television during the telecast of the crime awareness series. In a major theft reported in Mumbai, a couple was watching Crime Patrol in their hall and were so engrossed in the serial that they didn’t have a clue that they are being robbed.


Harneet Ahuja and his wife are big time Crime patrol fans. In fact, Harneet thinks that just by watching Crime Patrol one is actually helping out the society to deal with crimes. The crime rate has definitely increased and that is the reason Crime Patrol gets so many stories to tell. But there is another school of thought that watching Crime Patrol gives more suggestions to the thieves about how to commit a perfect crime and not get caught by policemen or society. Harneet had no clue whatsoever that his addiction to watching Crime Patrol will result in him and his family gets robbed by the thieves.

Watching Crime Patrol or any other series is not an issue here. The issue is whether you are implementing the message conveyed in the show, which in this case is ‘beware of your surroundings’. But with people treating Crime Patrol as just another daily Soap, the confidence of the robbers has increased.