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Couples looking for empty theatre frustrated with Dangal's houseful shows

13, Jan 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: College going couple Anuj and Sahana have been trying to get some privacy in an empty theater for the past few days but to no avail. With each passing day, their frustration level is rising as all cinema halls in the city are showing Dangal and with houseful shows, they aren’t getting any privacy inside. 

Dangal, hurting couples searching for space

Explaining their frustration, Anuj said, “There is no space in the city for a couple to hang out so we generally prefer cinema halls. During the week, cinema halls are mostly empty and we get nice air-conditioned space for 3 hrs at a very cheap price. Of course weekends don’t work for us as ticket prices are too high for college students like us plus it is very crowded as well. However, Dangal has thrown a spanner into our plan, we no longer get an empty cinema hall even during weekdays.”

“For us, the happy hours used to start from Monday morning. As our friends entered class room, we used to settle down in some corner of an empty theater near our college. All our relatives used to be at work so there was no risk of getting caught either. Alas, Jaane kahan gaye wo din”, Anuj sighed.

Nodding in agreement, Sahana said ,”Earlier we used to have the entire row to ourselves, now I can’t even get the armrest to place my arm. Forget getting intimate, you can’t even talk to each other as people tell you to stay silent during this film. Arey big deal if you miss a dialogue, we have seen this movie 20 times now while searching for an empty hall, we will tell you the dialogues if you miss them.”

However, the couple is hopeful that ‘Ok Jaanu’ will once again make the cinema halls empty and they will be able to resume their romance.