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Court orders a short term sentence of 100 days for a celebrity and sends him to Biggboss reality show

03, Oct 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A judicial court in the city has ordered a short term sentence of 100 days for a celebrity and will send him to Biggboss reality show, it is learnt by Faking News. The celebrity has instead requested to be sent to the jail citing the reason that the facilities are much better over there, especially for celebrities, it is further learnt by Faking News.

“There have been a lot of funny, strange and out of the box judgements all over the world, in the past few centuries, ‘Various papers by Indian judges on the art of judgment writing insist on “brevity” and “clarity”. “A judgment should unite reasoning and decision,” says Upendra Baxi, professor of law at University of Warwick and Delhi. It should reserve one-third of the space for arguments, one-third for what has been said in preceding cases and one-third for the decision.

“Of course all the 3 elements of a fine judgement were present in the bigg boss verdict. One third for the arguments that the celebrity deserves only a mild sentence. Once third for what has been said in the previous cases, rather what has not been said but silently followed. After that, the decision was really easily taken. A celebrity has to be punished for 100 days. What could be better than Salman hosted Biggboss?” a lawyer privy to the judgement told Faking News.

“In many ways, biggboss home is worse than a jail. There is no mobile phone access; inmates have to cook food for themselves; listen to stupid instructions and do stupid tasks. In jail, you get to meet far more interesting people. Use Mobile phone, get 5 star food delivered to you and even go for shopping. This is in fact a harsher sentence to the so-called celebrity,” the judgement was vehemently defended by the judiciary circle.

Meanwhile, a petty thief serving a 100 day jail term also has applied for a transfer to the biggboss home, citing the reason that he can elevate his skills to escape 30 cameras and steal without a trace, it is learnt by Faking News.