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Critics say the best part of ‘Accidental Prime Minister’ was the interval as it portrayed Manmohan Singh’s silence perfectly

11, Jan 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. The Accidental Prime Minister revolves around Dr .Manmohan Singh’s two-term tenure as prime minister and how he was controlled by then-president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi.


The timing of The Accidental Prime Minister is anything but accidental. Forget about the timings, Anupam Kher’s performance has been severely bashed by critics saying that he spoke too much and didn’t look like Manmohan Singh at all. Actually, Anupam tried a bit too hard to look like Manmohan and so failed to bring his natural aura onto the screen.

Famous movie critic Sanjeev Panpasand has said that the best part of the movie was the interval. It was only during the interval as he felt he was watching Manmohan Singh, or in this case listening to the silence which symbolizes Manmohan Singh. It was during the interval that people inside the hall gave a standing ovation to the movie saying that it is a well made one.

People who saw the full movie had very few kind words for Anupam’s acting as it was one of his worst performances as an actor.

The collections of the movie are believed to be heading for such low levels that the amount spent on Anupam Kher’s makeup and costume will also not be recovered. No one is willing to buy the satellite rights of the movie and producers of the movie are thinking of launching their own channel to broadcast the movie somehow.