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'Dancing Uncle' clarifies again that he has no relation with Taimur on being asked why is all media covering him extensively

04, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

The 46-years-old Sanjeev Shrivastava, an electronics professor from Madhya Pradesh, has become an instant hit on the internet with his dancing videos. What is more amazing to know is the fact that he has no relation with Taimur Ali Khan. It is always a surprise in India when journalists give priority to news other than the ones related to the Chotta Nawab.


All major TV channels and digital media house personnel were at Sanjeev’s house and many are scheduled to visit him in coming days. No one other than Taimur has got such extensive coverage. Dancing Uncle has been vocal about his non-relation to Taimur and he again clarified it today when he spoke to Faking News reporters.  Sanjeev Ji told us that even he was surprised as to how did so many journalists were flocking his house instead of covering Taimur’s daily activities.

Kareen and Saif are not a happy couple though as they think that even a 2-day gap in covering Taimur’s activities by news people will have a negative effect on his blooming career. karan Johar who always tracks Taimur’s day through news channels was seen upset as he has not been able to follow Taimur’s day due to extensive coverage is given to Dancing Uncle.

Some editors of reputed media houses have also asked their reporters to somehow link the Dancing Uncle’s story with Taimur’s life which would take their TRP to exorbitant levels. How this is to be done is still a question mark but given the exiting skills possessed by the Indian news reporters we are pretty sure to get hold of such stories in the coming days.