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Shocking!! Deepika recognizes Ranveer only after he shows his Aadhar card

22, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

The incumbent government has been batting for Aadhar and its benefits for years and has been insisting on linking of the card with SIM cards, PAN, bank accounts, and other schemes. The ministers have been vocal about the successful implementation of the Aadhar policy. The 12-digit biometric Unique Identification Code has been in the epicenter of a raging debate of violating people’s rights and privacy for a while. But the government has got some support from Bollywood as actress Deepika has praised the Aadhar initiative as it is the only way to identify her boyfriend. She has conveyed that Ranveer always has to show her his Aadhar card to make her believe that he indeed is Ranveer Singh and not a stranger, obviously because of the outrageous clothes he wears.


They say, if you look good and have a fantastic physique, you can pull off anything. That is the motivating factor to get all of us lesser mortals to the gym every day. But, then you look at Ranveer Singh and you wonder how untrue that statement is. He wears almost everything and anything and shows poise. Firstly, while a lot of people took his outrageous choices for “enthusiastic fashion that was an extension of his exuberant personality”, it is time to calm the fuck down. Honestly, like Chandler said – “There’s someone out there with a tranquilizer gun and a butterfly net, looking for that man!”. Ranveer Singh is a confident actor but then sometimes he is a bit overconfident. And Deepika has to face issues related to identifying her boyfriend. But for the Aadhar card, the issues have been taken care of.

Last night when our Faking News reporter spoke to Deepika she had this to say, ” Before 15-20 days I used to face a lot of issues in recognizing Ranveer as he wears some of the most unimaginable clothes. Then I made it a point to always check for his Aadhar card as I didn’t want any stranger who looks like Ranveer to come close to me”