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Delhi boy beaten by mother for stealing tubelights from home and posing with them in Star Wars style

25, Dec 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Chomesh Prajapati who is a student of BA Pass course at Delhi University has angered his parents beyond limits by stealing all the tubelights in the house and using them as light sabers to pose as a Star wars’ character.

Punished for posing like star wars characters
Punished for posing like Star Wars characters

He wrapped blue and red cellophane paper on tubelights to depict them as light side and dark side sabers. He along with his friends has in fact created a complete album on Facebook with enactments from previous Star Wars movies.

Chomesh always talks in rap, wears a cap in reverse and wears big gold plated chains. He said in his defense –

“I love cool girls I love cool cars,

But above all brother I love Star wars

I am the warrior, on whose hands villains die

I am a light saber wielding powerful Jedi”

When he was asked on why he stole all tube lights from his house, Chomesh rubbed his hands and said –

“I love my pakoras and I love my rajai,

But without a light saber how can I be Jedi

What you call tubelight, I call light saber

Please call it proper names and do me a favor.”

After taking an artistic pause he further sung –

“I pose on FB as a smart Jedi Knight,

Even Master Yoda can’t fight brother, like I fight,

There is no try brother, either you do or not do,

I pray to God, may the force be with you.”

After that Chomesh bent his knees and back and moved his hands in the air for around 45 seconds in rapper style which indicated that he has gone dark side and hence our reporter moved to talk to his parents.

Chomesh’s mother who looked quite like Kiran Kher spoke with anger. She said, “Oye this idiot Chomu has not seen any Star Wars movie. Only star wars dialogue he has ever heard is when Modi ji spoke “May the force be with you” in US. Internet pe padhke ye sab seekha hai is kanjar ne.

While it’s not yet clear if Chomesh’s parents will ever get the tubelights back, but his father has replaced all the tubelights in the house with syska LED bulbs after watching Irfan Khan advertisements. He said, “After what Chomesh has done, I have decided ke poore ghar ke badal daalunga.