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Delhi’s air quality is getting extremely hazardous, experts say it is deadlier than Race 3

15, Jun 2018 By sagarcasm

New Delhi: Air pollution in Delhi and surrounding areas has deteriorated to such hazardous levels that experts now say that breathing in Delhi is deadlier than watching Race 3.

Race 3 was expected to be the biggest epidemic of 2018. Several scientists committed suicide after watching the trailer, while others were admitted to mental hospitals. Even the greatest hater of gravity, Rohit Shetty, was mildly shocked after watching the trailer. Students at IIT are researching how Salman Bhai could launch missiles from his hand. Students at IIM have fallen sick after pondering over Daisy Shah’s epic dialogue, “Our business is our business, none of your business.”

Despite such terror of Race 3, experts claim that Delhi’s air quality is more dangerous. Speaking to Faking News, a veteran expert with experience of 2 days at the National Weather office said, “The quality of air in Delhi right now is like 144p on YouTube, extremely poor. The reason for such poor quality of air can be attributed to the food that Delhiites eat. Rajma Chawal and Mooli ke Paranthe are the major reasons why the pollution levels have risen. Once Monsoon arrives, the quality of air will improve. In the mean time, Delhiites should either go outside Delhi or stop breathing.”

Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal has suggested that people should breathe only on odd days and should refrain from breathing on even days. This will reduce the intake of harmful air by 50%.