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Desperate reporters reach Sushant Singh Rajput’s residence to ask him about Dhoni’s views on #CAAProtests

17, Dec 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. The #CAAProtests had taken an ugly turn on Sunday when Delhi police entered Jamia and beat up the students. Reporters have been desperate to get views from celebrities and all people whose opinion matters.


There were news of this reporter in Mumbai reaching Sushant Singh Rajput’s place to get the views of Dhoni on #CAAProtests. The reporters were in so much hurry that they had no time in reaching the celebrity or sportsperson they were looking for and instead caught hold of the next closest person to the celebrity in terms of looks or views. Sushant was obviously surprised and did not know how to respond. He though was polite enough to request some time from the reporters as he called up Mahi to know his views on CAA.

Mahi wants his views to be the part of the sequel of his biopic and hence Sushant told the reporters to wait for 2 more years as he will prepare for the biopic and everything will be cleared in the biopic itself.

There were also the cases of reporters reaching Pareeniti Chopra’s place to ask her about Saina Nehwal’s views and reaching Farhan Akhtar’s residence to get Milkha Singh’s views.