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Dhawan still in shock that a Pakistan fielder held his catch

05, Jun 2017 By dasu

Birmingham: It has been more than twelve hours; India gave another thrashing to Pakistan in a ICC trophy match. India team along with their support staff was found partying hard after the match, but Shikhar Dhawan was not to be seen anywhere.


As per the reports we are getting, Shikhar Dhawan is yet to recover from the shock that a Pakistan fielder took his catch.

“Immediately after the match he locked himself in his room. I am sharing room with him, he did not even allow me to speak to him. Before he went inside the room, he was found murmuring, ‘kya paap kiya tha maine, sabka catch drop kiya, why the Pakistan fielder Azhar Ali took the catch”, said one Indian player who wanted to remain anonymous.

The Indian player added, “When I told him, ‘buddy well played’ after he came back to dressing room after playing an entertaining knock 68 runs. He was so disturbed, he did not acknowledge back to my gesture. Threw the bat, went straight to support staff person who records every key moment of the match. For twenty times, he saw his dismissal in repeat mode, at the end of it he was inconsolable”,

He was saying to Anil Bhai, “That was not a difficult catch I gave, which sometimes sticks in fielder’s hand by mistake. It was an easy catch which Pakistan players were expected to drop, why he did that to me. After so many matches I looked in good touch, he ruined my innings”.

“I told him, Dhawan this happens, chill down mate. After lot of cajoling from me, Anil bhai and other players, he sat down to have a glass of lime soda. Unfortunately, things turned worse for him. Pakistani team kept on dropping sitters be it Yuvi’s catch or Virat’s catch. He realized it was a conspiracy from Pakistan team to gang up against him”, said the anonymous Indian player.

Pakistan team fielding coach Steve Rixon had full sympathy for Dhawan. While speaking to us, he said, “Normally Azhar Ali like others in the team drops everything during practice. Don’t know how he took one. He needs extra practice; I will put him in to that”.

Pakistan bookies have asked PCB to initiate a probe against Azhar Ali. “Not only he took a catch, he scored a fifty. Humara business ka watt laga diya”, said the bookie.