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Dhinchak Pooja tasked with singing morning wake-up songs in Bigg Boss 11, says the channel

25, Oct 2017 By RT

Mumbai. Dhinchak Pooja tasked with singing morning wake-up songs in Bigg Boss 11, says the channel amidst the reports that the pop sensation had been given a disrespectful welcome by some of the inmates. It will be a live performance every morning and the inmates can feel free to request the star to sing their favourites from her earlier albums, the channel announced.

Dhinchak Pooja

“Dhinchak is the Chetan Bhagat of music world; She is Salman Khan of pop. Pooja is to music much like Ramesh Pokhriyal for BJP; you know whom for Congress, Gurmeet Ram for religion and Lalu for Lalu. Extremely popular. Something which can happen only in India. She can beat almost all of the Kollywood and Tollywood stars in terms of talent, popularity and online presence. We are happy to have her in the Bigg Boss show,” told one of the directors of the reality show.

“In Bigg Boss 11, we have asked Dhinchak Pooja to sing the morning wake-up songs, every day going forward. This routine will continue until Pooja is evicted or all the other inmates are dead, I mean evicted. Recently, in Tamil Bigg Boss, we have used sound of a barking animal to disturb the inmates sleeping during the daytime. In 11, we are fortunate that Pooja has contractually agreed to perform for the adhoc day duty as well,” the director further added.

“She is our inspiration. The one and only entertainer of the year, decade, century and of the millennium. We are ardent fans and followers. It is almost like a cult. She is the undisputed queen of online music and after the Bigg Boss 11, there will be a live show in Mumbai in the same venue where Justin Bieber has performed,” one of the star’s diehard fans and IT wing manager told Faking News.

Meanwhile, the Bigg Boss wild card is writing some wild songs to perform in the Bigg Boss house, it is learnt by Faking News. A few inmates have requested for another wild card entry, someone like Arnab to match the screaming, it is further learnt by Faking News.