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Dhoble rescues youth watching Jackie Shroff’s maa-ki-aankh video

10, Jul 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. ACP Vasant Dhoble today raided a cyber café and “rescued” 12 teenagers watching Jackie Shroff’s Maa Ki Aankh video, which went viral on Twitter earlier today. Dhoble cited new IT rules that prohibit hosting “offensive” content online.

“He was just doing his job,” Home Minister of Maharashtra RR Patil defended Dhoble, “We can’t allow our next generation to learn such abusive terms.”

Jackie Shroff
Jackie Shroff saying “maa”

The detained teenagers, all aged between 11 and 15, had gone to a cyber café after their friends went crazy watching the video on YouTube and Facebook. These poor guys couldn’t afford to do the same as their computers were infected with the doomsday virus.

“We all live in the same society and we immediately went to the cyber café across the road,” said Micky (name changed), “I don’t know how police came to know about this!”

Sources say that Dhoble has a feel on the pulse of the youth and he immediately knows where the youth is headed to.

“That’s how he knows which place could become overcrowded,” a police source claimed.

Since the children were all minor, they were let off after warning not to ever say maa ki aankh again. However, the cyber café owner has been arrested as he didn’t follow the new IT rules.

“He had joined the kids in watching the video and was not keeping logs of what websites his customers are accessing and the kind of activities they are indulging,” Dhoble pointed out the laws with the hockey stick, “He is prima facie guilty as he allowed these schoolchildren to access internet without any adults accompanying them.”

“Yes, that’s the law,” Dhoble pointed out.

“If you have problem with the law, why did you not get it changed? In fact, a motion to annul these IT rules was defeated in the parliament! I’m just doing my job,” he said as he took away the cyber café owner in his police jeep.

Meanwhile the whole issue has taken political turn as Jackie Shroff’s video belongs to the era when NDA was in power.

“People were abusing when BJP ruled,” claimed Digvijay Singh, “While in UPA’s rule, Jackie Shroff is selling Sandhi Sudha and Musli Power. It clearly proves that UPA has created employment!”

Maa ki aankh!” said a BJP leader when Faking News asked him to respond to Digvijay Singh’s comment.