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Diehard Shahrukh fan goes into hiding fearing Fan's trailer like pursuit by Shahrukh

14, Apr 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai: A die-hard Shahrukh Khan fan has reportedly gone into hiding in fear of being chased all around dangerously by Shahrukh.

This is in line with the trailer of Fan which shows Shahrukh using dangerous and violent methods to chase his number one fan. The man Mr Rukh-Shah Khan (Not to be mistaken with Rickshaw) is reportedly in a state of terror and has chalked out numerous hideouts.

a Fan being chased by SRK
a Fan being chased by SRK

We asked him as to what prompted his actions now as the trailer has being out for many months and he replied, “Well now I am the biggest fan of Shahrukh even though there are a million more claiming the same so let’s get that out of the way. Now as the release date of a movie nears the cast tries to find newer ways to promote their movie.”

“Just like all actors appear on the sets of song and dance reality shows for promotion as almost all their movies have only song and dance in it. Hence their promotion is in relevance with the movie plot,” he reasoned.

“So I am afraid that similarly if Shahrukh decides to actually go after a fan in real life for his movie promotion, it would put the fan’s life in real danger. As we all know the trailer shows Sharukh chasing the fan through heavy traffic, breaking vehicle windows, jumping from one roof to another, and trying really hard kill his fan. So I am not really sure that I am cut out for this kind of action,” he added.

“In normal cases fans like me would be jumping up and down in joy at such a prospect but this real life chase seems too extreme even for me who has used up almost 10 litres of his blood to write fan letters to Shahrukh,” he said while breaking into a sweat.

But Rukh-Shah has not lost hope, he is now also sending mails to Vijay Mallya to learn state of the art evasion and escape techniques.