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Digvijay Singh and MS Aiyar are better advisers than Tyrion: Rahul Gandhi

07, May 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Westeros is in turmoil as the battle between Daenerys and Cersei for the Iron Throne continues. Daenerys suffered some big losses this week, as Cersei once again got the better of her in a sea battle.


Most of the poor strategic decisions of Dany have been blamed on her hand, chief adviser Tyrion Lannister. Looking at her plight, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has recommended a couple of names to Dany to replace Tyrion.

Speaking during an informal non-political interview, Mr. Gandhi said, “I have seen Game of Thrones and I see how Tyrion continues to give bad advice. Whether it is capturing a wight last season, which cost them a dragon, or trusting Cersei repeatedly or agreeing to split the army, he is always been behind in the game. Till now I felt I have had bad advisers but looking at this guy, my advisers Digvijay ji and Aiyar ji look like geniuses.”

“I don’t have much use of these 2 people during these elections because this time we are trying to win. Therefore, if Daenerys wants them, she can take them. They will guide her in the battle against Cersei, and surely will do a better job than Tyrion”, the Congress President added.

BJP has criticized this statement of Rahul Gandhi and has alleged that Congress President is just trying to drop a pop culture reference after Modi mentioned Avengers in an interview.

Meanwhile, LK Advani has commented that Dany will never become the Queen of Westeros. When asked to explain, he said, ” Her advisers remind me of some of the advisers I had in the past.”