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Director gets approval from 160 plus Senas, across the country, before announcing his next period film

10, Feb 2018 By RT

Mumbai. Ace director Banjay Shansali has contacted 160 different Senas across the country, before announcing his next period film. The director received approvals from all those Senas, about the story-line, script, dialogues and the midriff coverage of the hero and the heroine, it is learnt by Faking News.

“In India, one man will have an idea. Two men will talk about it and three men will make it a Sena. There is this Sena and that sena and also, a little differently, Sena this and sena that. If an individual indulges in violent crimes, it is illegal and punishable by law. If a Sena indulges in criminal activities, then it’s law and order issue and it becomes the state’s problem. Unless this interpretation changes, we will have many Senas being founded on a daily basis” the director told Faking News.

“In my next period film, I have covered stories from South to North and West to East. I will never know which Sena may be offended for what reason. They will call for my body parts and with the number of Senas present in the country, soon some of them will be forced to name the internal organs. I wanted to avoid this entire ordeal and high drama; have written to all the Senas and received a written approval from their official letter pads. With 160 plus clearances, I am sure I don’t have to worry about seeking police protection for the release of the movie” he revealed further details on the, now infamous, Sena certification.

“This CBFC is unbelievable. Despite getting the clearance from the Senas, they are enforcing rules about midriff, calves and collar bones. They are suggesting name changes and scene changes. Sometimes, I wonder if I am the director or the CBFC review committee is the directorial team. In my next movie, couple of board members have agreed to be associate directors”, Mr. Banjay smiled for the first time, with the comment on the certification body.

When asked about his name sounding a little different, the director has admitted that it was a suggestion from the CBFC, it is learnt by Faking News.