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DJ forgets pen drive at home, plays car advertisements instead of Punjabi songs

20, Jun 2017 By itsmihir1993

In a lavish discotheque of Lokhandwala, Mumbai, the disco jockey faced a career-threatening challenge when he forgot his pen drive at home. Nikhilraj Sundarram Iyer, or DJ Nick, as he fondly calls himself, forgot his pen drive which had the playlist of all the songs that he had copied to entertain the masses at the discos.


DJ Nick, who usually mixes two random Punjabi songs and calls it disc jockeying, discovered that he has forgot the pen drive at home and informed it to the club authorities. The club manager, upon realising that the enthusiasts can vandalise the property in absence of copied music to dance on, started panicking and eloped from the disco premises.

However, it was the impressive presence of mind of DJ Nick that saved him from getting bashed by those who had come to shake a leg. To ensure that the crowds dance to Punjabi songs, he played car advertisements on the big screen. On the other hand, dance enthusiasts who could not spot a difference between Punjabi songs and car advertisements started dancing on the car advertisement.  

When Faking News spoke to DJ Nick about the goof-up, he said, “Firstly, don’t call it ‘copied’ because my music is not copied; it is “inspired”. I can mix up to three songs and play it simultaneously for the enthusiasts to dance on it without them realising which song is played. The dancers are so lost in the music that they can hardly figure out what’s playing. This is called art.” When we asked him about his future plans on sound mixing, he said, “I am a music producer, not a sound mixer. I have produced a lot of music by mixing two or more numbers and playing it simultaneously. It’s called music production. By experimenting with car advertisements, I have added more music to my portfolio today.”

We spoke to a South Bombay guy who had come all the way to Lokhandwala to shake a leg in this discotheque. When we asked him how he felt dancing to the car advertisement, he said, “What car advertisement? That was clearly a Punjabi song. It had cars in it with some voiceover in the background, just like any other Punjabi song.”