DJ stops playing music at IPL match fearing Anu Malik copying his tunes

25, Mar 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Mumbai Indians lost their first match of the new IPL season. Anu Malik has been a constant presence at all the matches in MI history and it is expected that he will be present at the remaining matches too. But Anu Malik’s presence created boredom for the audience as the DJ stopped playing his tracks. Reason: ‘Anu Malik would copy the tunes and make it his own’


Copying tunes is an ancient practice followed by Bollywood music directors and Anu Malik is the flag-bearer of that category. His love for cricket is visible during the IPL season where he travels to watch each and every Mumbai Indians match. There was continuous music being played by the DJ at the Wankhede stadium during the DC MI match but the music soon stopped when Anu Malik entered the stadium. People who were dancing to some great music finally had a boring time till the end of the match as Anu Malik was present throughout the match.

Shugato Banerjee, the famous Bengali DJ spoke to Faking News, ” I was never so afraid of my tunes getting stolen that Anu Malik’s presence gives me nightmares. I have spent long nights copying music from various western tracks. How can I let Anu take it away from me in a single IPL night? It is my serious request to the IPl organizers that ban the entry of Anu Malik in all stadiums or else the DJ community will suffer a lot.”