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Don’t become MacMohan of Hollywood, fans plead with Anil Kapoor

22, Dec 2011 By Vipul K Rawal

Mumbai. Versova Police today arrested a man for breaking into Anil Kapoor’s house. The man, who has legally changed his name to Romeo Jhakaas, claims to be a diehard fan of Anil Kapoor and told the police that he had gone there just to impart some career guidance to Anil Kapoor.

After being let off with a warning, Romeo talked to this journalist in detail about what transpired.

“For the past one year, I have been eagerly waiting for Mission Impossible 4 just because it had Anil Kapoor in it. In fact, it was I who started tweeting and blogging when his picture didn’t feature on the movie poster. It was only after that, they put his picture on the poster,” Romeo claimed.

Mac Mohan
MacMohan, who played Sambha in the superhit movie Sholay, used to perform outstanding 3-minutes roles in Bollywood.

During the movie, Romeo got a phone call from Juliet Dixit, his girlfriend, and being a cultured moviegoer, he got out of the movie hall to have a quick chat. He returned after three minutes, his shortest phone conversation ever with his girlfriend, and was shocked to realize that he had missed Anil Kapoor’s role as a result. He couldn’t believe this horror.

“Bloody I went back and bought the ticket for the next show. I didn’t even go to bathroom this time. And WTF! Anil was there in the film only for 3 minutes! And there too he kept getting beaten and slapped by the heroine! Come on, he was visible on screen for more time even as Mr. India, the invisible man!” said a visibly traumatized Romeo.

When probed gently what has that got to do with him breaking into Anil Kapoor’s house, Romeo said that he wanted to offer some sound career advice to his idol.

“I don’t want him to become MacMohan of Hollywood,” the diehard fan of Sonam Kapoor’s father said, “Do you know Anil Kapoor is the only Bollywood star who doesn’t do ads. The only ad he did was for the Mont Blanc pen, which also upset me, because that pen should have been presented to his brother Boney Kapoor and not to him by his father.”

When contacted by Faking News, Anil Kapoor laughed it off but reiterated that his 3-minute role in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol offered him a range of emotions that a normal full length Hindi movie never offered him. Also, it gave him a chance to project an urbane, suave, hawttt Indian man, which people in the west have no idea about.

However, the producers of the movie are taking no risks and have secured themselves against any attack on theaters on studios by angry Anil Kapoor fans. Sources say that the producers are thinking of hiring TV serial producer Ekta Kapoor, who is expert in converting a 3-minutes story into a 30-minutes full blown episode.