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Don't get any idea from Meryl Streep's speech: Indian brands to celebrity endorsers

09, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Veteran actress Meryl Streep, who received the Cecil B DeMille Award at the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards, gave a moving acceptance speech, taking time out to slam US President-Elect Donald Trump. The speech has been appreciate across the world but it has started to worry some leading brands in India. Many brands have instructed the Bollywood stars who endorse their products to avoid getting any similar idea after watching the speech.

Meryl Streep
Focus on her dress like normal people, don’t discuss the words

“We support free speech in our country and we will always stand by the people who endorse our brands. However, we must appreciate the diversity and the pluralism of our country and should avoid making any political, religious or cultural remark. That is something which we can’t accept. Therefore, we have requested our ambassadors to ignore Meryl Streep’s speech lest they get an idea to make a similar speech during the current awards season”, General Manager of an auto manufacturer said.

CEO of a startup, FeelDeal said ,”We pay a lot of money to our brand ambassadors and in return, we expect certain things from them. Firstly, they must never get married. Sometimes wife of a brand ambassador says something and the brand suffers, we don’t want something like that. Secondly, say nothing, that is all. All our ads are on hoardings or in newspapers so they don’t have to say anything to promote our product either. Exposure to the kind of political speech made by Ms Streep can put some wrong notions in their head, that is why we have issued an advisory to all our brand ambassadors to avoid a similar stunt.”

To be on the safer side, title sponsors of all upcoming Bollywood awards functions have instructed the crew to start playing the music 2 seconds after the acceptance of an award.