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Dr. Mashoor Gulati has not left The Kapil Sharma show, he is on a strike

27, Mar 2017 By sagarcasm

Mumbai: Contrary to the reports, Sunil Grover aka Dr. Mashoor Gulati has not left The Kapil Sharma Show, but he is on a strike. He will not resume working until his demands are met.

Dr Gulati
“Mujhe mat maaro bhai”

Dr. Gulati is protesting against the string of attacks on doctors by civilians. Doctors are being attacked by patients and common people at different places across Maharashtra. While the regular doctors have ended their strike already and returned to work, Dr Mashoor Gulati isn’t satisfied with the government response and is continuing his strike. In fact, Dr. Gulati was himself attacked by a fellow passenger on a flight while returning to Mumbai from Australia. The fellow passenger, who called himself a comedian, threw a shoe on Dr. Gulati and also abused him verbally. Dr. Gulati will continue to be on strike until the Mahrashtra Government provides assurance of security to doctors from civilians.

Dr. Mashoor Gulati, as his name suggests, is a popular doctor in Mumbai. People across India come to see him and get advice from him. He is the founder of 50:50 hospital, which is situated in Goregaon area. Talking to a Faking News representative, Dr. Gulati said,“I am a doctor and I don’t understand why people get violent with doctors. Aise koun behave karta hai bhai? I demand doctors’ safety in hospitals, at home, and also in the air when they are flying.”

While the government has refused to intervene in the strike of this particular doctor, reports have come in that Kapil Sharma’s health has deteriorated in the absence of his regular doctor. The treatment by the replacements, didn’t quite have a positive impact on his health.