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Dress was not ready, so had to squeeze myself into a vase: Priyanka Chopra clarifies on her Oscar outfit

28, Feb 2017 By @jurnoleast

The post Oscar discussion which is usually reserved for ‘red carpet hits and misses’ saw a deviation from protocol this year thanks to the ‘Best Movie’ fiasco. However many, especially from Bollywood, couldn’t help but notice Priyanka Chopra’s Oscar dress. Wild speculations flew around with some saying that it was an aluminium foil while others asking if she was gift wrapped.

priyanka vase
A replica of the vase that Priyanka wore to the Oscars

Priyanka spoke exclusively to Faking News to clear the air about her outfit. “I know it is an unusual outfit. To tell you honestly it is a vase. The dress was not ready on time and I there was no way I could miss the awards presentation. I misplaced the bag which had my clothes. So basically I had nothing to wear. Just when I was thinking about skipping the presentation ceremony, I saw this vase in the hotel lobby and saved the evening for me,” Priyanka said.

“I squeezed into the vase and got rid of the sides and the base so I could move my arms and legs,” she added, marveling at her ingenuity.

When questioned if people found out, especially the media back home, Priyanka guffawed and said in her fake accent, “You gotta be kidding me! They called me a ‘Red Carpet Slayer’. They go crazy over anything I wear. I could have stuck post-its all over my body and still made a fashion statement.”

With the success of the ‘vase’, the bollywood actress is planning to try out such out-of-the-box ideas for future events too. “Why pay for expensive designer dresses when you have such jugaad,” she said.

The hotel, which had the vase in their lobby that ended up being Priyanka’s dress, is not happy with her idea. Sources say that the management has asked the actress to pay for damages or get a new vase a replacement.