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Due to overcrowded calendar celebrity is planning her 2018 Diwali party in adv this Sunday

18, Oct 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: Actress Monali Bendre tried hard to squeeze her Diwali bash with friends and well-wishers just before this year Diwali celebration gets over. It went in vain. Frustrated Monali is planning to have her Diwali 2018 bash in this coming Sunday only.


“In the end, she has to blame herself for lacking the urgency to plan well in advance as some of the celebrities have started planning for Diwali bash from Feb, March time. I have reminded her about it in the past, she was not at all serious”, said Romi Agarwal a well-known event manager many celebrities like Ms. Monali count upon to arrange parties for them.

Ms. Agarwal added, “Venue is not a concern as most throw parties in their bungalows. Challenge is to find confirmed time slots from the celebrities as their calendar remains full all the time. Let me tell you, today if one wants to plan for next year Holi party, celebrities have no slot free. Believe it or not, that’s the sad reality today”.

“Too many parties are being thrown up. It starts with successful poster launch, then trailer, book launch. On morning show collections producers declare movie is a hit and throw a party. These are on top of regular birthday and anniversary parties, then celebrity’s baby’s birthdays, their near and dear ones. In next one year something like 500 parties I am arranging only. There are many like me in business, so you can imagine total number of parties happening here”, said Ms. Agarwal.

“That’s why I suggested her, let us throw 2018 Diwali party in this coming Sunday only to which she has obliged. Good to see all the people Monali wanted to come, have confirmed”.

“Myself and other event managers are requesting celebrities to extend their party time by two more hours till 6 AM so that we can have five slots for five parties every night. Minor celebrities should move their party to day time as no one comes”, said Romi when she got a call from Aamir Khan to arrange a party as he successfully finalized his look for a movie he will work in 2023.